Steel, Aluminium, Acrylic, LED

30m x 15m x 10m

Commissioned by Culture Liverpool 

BEAM is an audio-visual exploration of the collective association of sunshine with positive emotion and warmth, we explored our complex relationship with and dependency on the Sun, a relationship which now hangs in a delicate balance due to climate change, 

A 30 metre beam of light hangs overhead - suspended in mid-air. As the audience enters BEAM, their environment is altered completely, drenched in colour and sound. For a while, everything hangs in peaceful balance. We feel joy and calm. Gradually over several minutes, light and sound intensifies and takes on an ever-increasing feeling of unease and suspense. Light, sound and tension builds until it reaches a climatic breaking point - a tip in the balance. The audience will experience a flux of joy, tension & release.

Accompanying the light display is a composition by electronic-music producer Corin Ileto created in collaboration with Lucid. The complex seven minute soundscape samples Vivaldi’s Four Seasons ‘Summer’, weaving the classical piece into a biomorphic composition which grows and distorts in conjunction with the heat and intensity of light.


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