We're always looking for skilled, motivated people to join our dedicated team. 

Full Time

We don't have any permanent positions available at present, but we are always interested in hearing from a range of talent. If you did want to send a CV & Covering letter (and portfolio where applicable) please send to info@lucidcreates.co.uk 


Fabricators / Carpenters 

Join our our pool of skilled freelancers here > find out more

Build Managers

We are looking for experienced build managers to lead the installation of temporary structures and art installations across the UK & overseas > find out more

LED Technicians 

Please email info@lucidcreates.co.uk with a CV & Covering letter & portfolio if you interested in working on our technical team 

Site Crew

Riggers, Scaffolders, Ground Crew, Carpenters, Forks & Picker Drivers, Crane Slingers > find out more