Steel, Diffused LED lights, LED mesh screen

15m x 15m x 15m 

An immersive 360 AV structure that forms the centre piece of a spectacular dance arena. 

DANCE TOGETHER is a towering structure that creates an immersive AV experience for audiences and artists. Made up of three giant rings suspended between four towering pillars, each of the rings is lined with video screen and LED and can be topped with a full moving head package, lasers & pyrotechnics to create a really spectacular AV show. 



The structure is open on all sides allowing for a varying audience capacity. Audiences can experience the AV experience from both inside and outside the structure. When inside they are ‘held’ in the space by the 360 visuals surrounding them, creating the feeling of being together as one.

Lucid can collaborate with DJs and musicians playing in the arena to create a bespoke uplifting AV show,  incorporating moving text, glitch video content and a 360° architectural lighting experience that can be a beacon against the night sky, drawing revellers toward the area. 


This is a place to celebrate the dance community and electronic music in all its hedonistic glory.  A celebration of how dance culture gives us the families we choose and the family that choose us, and a celebration of being together after so long apart. 

TOGETHER is a touring structure that has a dedicated install team who can build and run a show with no impact upon the spaces it visits. It is built sustainably, to last, and is self supporting with 16 tonnes of integrated ballast and can operate in all weather & landscapes.

Photography by: Matt Eachus
Photography by: Matt Eachus
Photography by: Matt Eachus

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