15m x 15m x 15m 

Steel, Aluminium, Acrylic, LED

Large-Scale AV Art Installation  

Commissioned by Medway Council & Liverpool Culture 

TOGETHER is a huge pavilion-like art installation where audiences can feel part of a collaborative, collective shared experience. Using light, scale & sound - it is a space that has been specifically designed so that those who experience it are encouraged to connect with their environment and others around them.

By working closely with and collaborating with the communities that host TOGETHER, we collate memories, archives, stories and data. We then weave this into an ever-moving narrative about the people and place in which TOGETHER is displayed. This narrative and experience is wholly unique to that location. It's giant, floating, mirrored rings take on its surroundings whilst the words that travel through rings represent the communities who host it. These words, stories, phrases, poems move through the three rings, intertwined with mesmeric visuals, accompanied by a 360 soundscape so that sound as well as light, fills the entire space. Standing within the rings as they float weightlessly above the viewer, reflecting on the stories and words that surround them is a poignant, emotive experience, and one that can only be experienced in each specific location. This vast installation piece completely encompasses those inside, evoking the feeling of being held together as one. 

 Words and stories are collected through a range of methods which are chosen with the host - these have included:  collaboration with local artists, collation of archival material, generative poetry, digital and in-person workshops. 



Past Collaborators include: 

Medway City of Culture - words contributed by: Barry Fentiman Hall, Dan Simpson Linda Brinklow, Kelly Phoenix, Jo Eden and many others with the support of IDEAS TEST

DANCE TOGETHER x Chibuku - archive material by legendary club night Chibuku and generative poetry by artist Susannah Pettigrew

SPECTRA, Aberdeen - words written and collated in collaboration with the Univerity of Aberdeen 

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