FUTURES is an experimental audio-visual installation designed to distort reality, creating shifts in time and space, exploring the contrast between light and dark and its effect on the human perception of space. 

It is a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional journey utilising the mediums of sound, light, dark, shadows, depth linearity and illusion - resulting in an evocative sonic and visual experience. Strobes of light shift and pulse along the 50m long walkway producing a visceral, transportative display of patterns that play with the viewer’s spatial awareness and perception of depth.

Once viewers enter the walkway they find themselves in a wholly new environment - a place where things are not as they appear, viewers begin to question the physical space around them, their sense of awareness is heightened as they begin to process an environment they cannot predict. 

An ambient soundscape triggers the LED lights - abstract sound effects chase up and down the walkway, the audio is dispersed throughout the installation so that light and sound move as one, adding to the depth and multi-layered, sensory nature of the piece. 


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