A piece conceived by Lucid Creates in reaction to the wide ranging social, health and environmental issues of 2020 and a desire to ignite communal action and hope after a period where so many of us have felt alone. Using optical illusion, light and sound, FUTURES takes us to a place where we can envision the future we want.

When we feel alone and think negatively about our world, we can feel that our individual actions won't affect positive change. By bringing us together in an immersive space, FUTURES allows us to be free of negativity and see that by taking positive action together, we can create a new future.

Imagine a future where:
We have reached carbon neutrality.
Our economy is circular.
Resources are shared.
Inequality is a thing of the past.
People and the planet come before profit.
The world, for all its imperfections, is in a much better state than we might think and if, as individuals, we take small actions, together we can affect hugely positive change. 

By focusing on a vision of a better world, together we can create one.

Optical illusions reveal how we truly perceive reality: they show us that our minds tend to make assumptions about the world and that what we see is often not truth.

Futures is an immersive space in which audiences experience illusions that can reveal everything from how they process space and time to their perception of consciousness. It is a modular light installation that takes a number of forms. It is shown here as a walkway of mirrors and lights, tunnelling inwards towards a vanishing point. 

Futures is one of a series of large audio visual light installations by Lucid Creates exploring the relationship between individual and communal responsibility upon social and climate change.


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