Acrylic, Diffused LED, Steel, Aluminium

12m x 12m



A spectacular light sculpture that transports audiences to the crossroads of their future.

CROSSROADS uses the optical illusions created by light, sound and mirrors takes audiences to a place where they can consider which path to take for the future.

Optical illusions reveal how we truly perceive reality: they show us that our minds tend to make assumptions about the world and that what we see is often not truth. CROSSROADS is an immersive space in which audiences experience illusions that can reveal everything from how they process space and time to their perception of consciousness.

CROSSROADS is a modular piece which can transform in shape and layout, adapting to suit the space it stands and the audience interacting with it. 

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Past Exhibitions

Arts By The Sea, Bournemouth UK 2021


Lights move in synch with a transportive ambient soundscape to create an hour long immersive AV experience. The soundscape is produced by the Canadian artist Exist Strategy.

Crossroads is one of a series of large audio visual light installations by Lucid Creates exploring the relationship between individual and communal responsibility upon social and climate change.

CROSSROADS is as spectacular by day as it is by night. Its mirrored pillars reflect back its audience and surroundings to create a myriad of responses that are totally individual to the each audience and space.


CROSSROADS is a modular piece constructed from 3 metre long base modules, each holding 3 x vertical pillars. The pillars are mirrored on both their widest faces and hold embedded, difussed LED on their inner face.

Bases are clad in reflective aluminium and contain all required ballast.

In the format shown, the footprint is 12m x 12m As this is a modular piece, this layout can be easily adjusted to suit its environment.

For a full tech spec, structural calcs and installation details please email



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