05 — About

We are design & build experts, offering inventive fabrication & production solutions to create unique environments for brands, events & festivals.

We have a crack team of designers, fabricators & production managers.

Each team member draws on their individual talents from an array of creative and technical disciplines.

Whether it’s a series of branded and experiential events or a stage design with integrated screens and lighting, Lucid can oversee any aspect or master the entire project.

With foundations in conceptual stage design and event production, Lucid draws on a wealth of experience. Each project is met with a fresh approach, transforming each setting with skill and clarity to create an atmosphere that sells a product, enhances sensory experience and – above all – makes a memorable impact.

Skill Development

We are passionate about nurturing skills that enable the event design & build industry to grow and develop.

Lucid discovered a real need within the event design & build sector for on-the-job hard-skills training for junior staff: a need for nurturing the future experts of the field.

In light of this, we developed a training programme, initially to boost the skill set within Kent and South London, and took on 6 unskilled junior staff members.

They chose a preferred skill (or set of skills) to develop and were put under the tuition of the relevant senior member of our workshop team. The skills developed included sculptural welding, set carpentry, scenic painting and lighting electrics.

Lucid are working with other companies in the event design and build sector to improve health & safety standards. The junior training programme gave us a great opportunity to instil good working practices from the beginning, and safety training was kept at the forefront.

Our aim is to bring an updated / bespoke version of this training programme to a wider audience, working with festival directors and local communities to develop programmes which enable interested local people to work on site alongside our team of skilled carpenters, riggers, welders and lighting technicians, gaining a set of skills which brings a lasting legacy to the area around an event site.