Lucid design, create and build industry-leading installations & sets for some of the world's biggest brands, agencies & music festivals. We turn your creative ideas into a reality using our 20 years of award winning design, fabrication, production & tech experience.


Parklife Festival: The Valley Stage

Full design, fabrication and build of The Valley Stage

Keen Adventure Cabin & Obstacle Course

Design, build and activation of an adventurous brand experience.

Google x Pavegen: Berlin Light Festival

The Google Light Path: a reactive LED experience triggered by Pavegen's energy-converting tiles.

Neverworld: FKA LeeFest

The Neverworld: A spectacular, immersive kingdom of music, party and arts.

Adidas: Base Brixton

Base Brixton: A pop-up football pitch with a state-of the art interactive experience fusing football, technology and skill.

Shobaleader One: LED Masks

Design & fabrication of audio-responsive bespoke LED masks.

Kraken: Festival No.6

Design & creation of a post-apocalyptic shipwreck bar


Whether it’s a global tour with a leading artist, a brand activation or a festival on a remote island, we can design, create and build any individual aspect of your event or master the entire project. We custom-build installations and activations for brands such as Samsung, Google and Adidas and immersive sets for world-class festivals and events.


Whether it's a lighting installation or production of an entire festival, we bring our years of experience in event production and management to support your project.


Our custom made environments and installations engage audiences in extraordinary ways by pushing the boundaries of production and fabrication.


From a bespoke bar to an immersive festival set, our fully equipped workshop and team of experts are capable of building anything you need for your event.


We love integrating interactive tech into our designs, communicating with audiences to enhance a brand's presence or the impact of a stage.