People of Medway! We want to hear your memories of life in the community - no matter how small. 

Lucid Creates, the artist behind Medway’s spectacular new light art pavilion, are asking for contributions of memories of Medway that they will then weave together into the piece. The written words of the stories will move around the video screens on the inner face of the three rings, intertwined with moving visuals. Premiering in Chatham from next Friday, selected entries will appear on the pavilion accompanied by an ethereal soundscape. Created as a reaction to the isolation of lockdown, the artwork is a huge pavilion-like open space in which communities can come together to celebrate their unity and uniqueness.

If you would like to contribute your words to TOGETHER, please use the form linked in the bio or go to and sick MEDWAY to send us your memories and stories of local life.

This can be anything and everything from a story about a friend or relative to a memory of a place or building, to your time at school to a description of your love for a local shop. Selected words will be woven in with existing poems and stories of Medway and displayed on the internal rings of TOGETHER during its time in Chatham. We won't be able to incorporate all submissions but will read each and every one of your entries.

TOGETHER will be situated on Chatham Riverside outside Chatham Library from 24th September to 10th October 2021.



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