03 — Services

Our custom made environments and installations engage audiences in extraordinary ways by pushing the boundaries of production and fabrication.


Concept & Design Development

Whether your vision is complete or scrawled on scrap paper, our design team are able to turn an idea into fully formed designs. Their extensive understanding of materials, build processes and finishes ensure that the best creative solutions are found and that even the most challenging of designs can be realised.


Fabrication & Installation

Our team of CNC operators carpenters, engineers, welders, spray painters, scenic painters, upholsterers and finishing specialists are capable of building everything – from a piece of bespoke furniture to a flying saucer. We provide the highest standard of finish while thinking innovatively when faced with unusual or complex builds. Our in-house facilities, plus partnerships with some of the largest suppliers in the industry, allow us to facilitate every aspect of the fabrication process to a meticulous standard of finish.


Project Management

Our production managers will work hand in hand with you throughout your project, liaising with you about solutions and progress. Their in-depth knowledge of the event industry ensures that what we deliver is on time, to budget and is a true representation of your creative vision.


Integrated technical solutions

Our expert team of technical minds have worked on everything from TV sets and stage shows to concerts and shop displays. We have a wealth of experience in video mapping, LED lighting, virtual reality, holograms and interactive displays. We pride ourselves in seamlessly integrating technology into props sets and displays, utilising the latest technology innovations to further enhance a brand's presence or the impact of a stage. Though our ongoing R&D we have created several 'off-the-shelf' technical products, including our ever popular Lucid Lines range. 


Project Delivery, Installation & Post Production

We will liaise with you throughout the fabrication and construction process, allowing for flexibility when it comes to changes in design and production even during the fabrication and construction process.

In preparation for the installation and delivery of your project, we are able to test-build your designs in our workshop to allow for client approval, light and sound testing, rehearsals, and design development.

Our team of experienced site installers are able to deliver and build your project on site. Lucid are pushing the boundaries of expectations of health and safety in event build and installation.


Production, Site & Event Management

We have over 20 years experience of managing of event production and logistics.