Samsung: Hypercube

LED as an architectural lighting statement

01 — Project Overview

Samsung Hypercube: an immense 12 m high structure housing a fully interactive audio-visual experience showcasing the Galaxy S8. In the summers of 2016 and 2017, Samsung’s epic 12 metre high structure housed a fully interactive audio-visual experience by GaiaNova, which showcased Samsung's freshly released Galaxy S8 phone.

Year One, users donned VR headsets which placed them centre stage with Biffy Clyro in an intense ride of music and light. Year Two, via a suspended 360 camera, users were able to create unique 360 infinity selfies within a world of mesmerising video and music content at Reading Festival, Bestival and Boardmasters.

Lucid collaborated with a world class creative and production team to create diffused LED strips for the exterior of the iconic cube. Using our LED bars we worked with our clients to make a custom version of their vista panel to create slow fades and a pulsing pattern up and down the entire structure.

02 — Photos