Google: Berlin Light Festival

Bespoke design & fabrication, advanced reactive programming, lighting design & project management

01 — Project Overview

Lucid and Pavegen united to create a memorable brand activation powered by the footfall of visitors to the Berlin Festival of Light.

Using Pavegen's energy-harvesting tiles and our bespoke LED designs, together we brought the Pixel 2 to life. Footsteps on the energy-converting tiles created currents which triggered the LED cubes in our light walls to react according to pressure and speed.

As visitors walked, skipped and jumped along the path, their journey was captured as a gif animation by a Pixel 2 and emailed to them for sharing across their socials.

Lucid designed, fabricated, installed and operated the light path & photo booth.

We developed bespoke high-spec LED matrix and programming which could talk to Pavegen's intelligent tiles, continue to work in extreme weather and produce a truly unique interactive brand experience.

02 — Photos