Parklife Festival: The Valley Stage

360 Design, fabrication, engineering & build

01 — Project Overview

Parklife Festival asked Lucid to design and build them an iconic new stage with integrated lighting and video. The result is The Valley: a life size tower block complex influenced by brutalist architecture and dystopian fiction.

Lucid designed and created every inch of the set, from developing an 8 layer process to turn ply flats into hyper-realistic aged concrete to designing and making over 50 illuminated shop signs by vinyl printing and CNC machine.

Our design had to be deliverable within the constraints of a very short on-site build time. We created a bespoke modular installation solution to allow us to put up the entire set within 10 days of arrival on site to show opening. Every module was assembled on the ground, including screen and LED tech. Modules were then flown into position allowing us to fully clad each tower in only 2 days. Working at height was kept to a minimum and there was no crane usage.

The modular system allows us to build upon the design, making it wider or taller without losing structural or design integrity. Our fabrication also had to be robust enough for a minimum of 5 years use, and our modular design enables the entire set to be easily stored in 6 shipping containers between shows.

02 — The Valley Stage, Parklife 2018

The Valley Stage00:51