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01 — Product Overview

LI strips are a unique diffused LED product that is available in both 1m rental lengths and as bespoke shapes, structure and curves.

The modular nature of LI Strips enables the product to be used in a multitude of scenarios – whether you want to light up stair treads, create a diffused logo or an abstract set piece – Lucid Lines are able to adapt to your needs.

While developing the product, we quickly realised that our clients didn’t always want a bespoke or unusual structure that was both costly and timely to make. With this in mind we set about creating a rental range of 1m bars. We still wanted the standard rental product to be able to create unique shows and designs, while also enabling quick installation and easy touring. To achieve this, each bar has a sliding mounting point that can be positioned anywhere along the bar and can accept any M10 mounting, whether this be a hook clamp, bolt or joining plate. The mounting also enables the bars to be positioned at any angle, enabling a vast number of different looks from a single bar. 

Behind the diffusion, we use our standard high brightness 48 pixels per metre RGB pixel tape. This tape option has been carefully selected to work in conjunction with our standard 47% opal diffusion. However as part our bespoke build option we are also able to offer a range of different LED options and a range of different levels of diffusion.

To keep install times down and to create a plug and play system, we have created the LCube as the driving force behind the LIStrips. With a standard DMX 512 input each of the Lcube’s two outputs can control 3m of lines, joined with a further 10m of cable, which enables each LCube to be positioned out of sight, whilst also making full use of a single DMX universe.

For bespoke builds, we are able to bend the diffusion in either direction to create curves, circles and arches. We are also able to supply lengths of up to 6.1m for long continuous runs. The fabrication of the diffusion also means that it can be cut at any angle and welded enabling any design to be created. The robust nature of the diffusion is even capable of withstanding being driven over by a vehicle.

02 — Technical Spec

  • Fully modular ‘plug and play’ system
  • Control via 512 DMX or video
  • Standard 1m rental lengths always in stock
  • Range of diffusions available upon request
  • Bespoke curves lengths and shapes available upon request
  • Custom lengths up to 6.1m
  • Can be cut and welded to make shapes, structures and logos
  • Anodised finish in a range of colours
  • 48 pixels per a meter

03 — Product Photos

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